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Built in 1691 by Capuchin missionaries. Very impressive processions walked the route marked out by the 29 stations. This tradition was abandoned around 1920.

A first calvary made of wooden crosses was erected on this site in 1691 by Capuchin missionaries, the crosses were replaced from 1718 by masonry stations which each included a niche in which was placed a painting representing each mystery of the Passion.

Very impressive processions, especially Good Friday, with the participation of brotherhoods of penitents of Montpezat (confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament and White Penitents or Gonfalons, Brotherhood of the Cordon), walked the route marked out by the 29 stations leaving the Pourtalas, bypassing the City Lower, returning to the church and going back to the chapel St-Roch at the top of Calvary. This tradition was abandoned around 1920 and some stations disappeared or fell in ruins. Those that survive were restored in the 1970s.


All year round, daily.