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Property of the municipality of Thueyts located rue Mercière. Mullion window. House of Dominicans.

Deposit of saltpeter under the revolution (manufacture of powder).
In 1794 girls’ school created by Marie Rivier, who founded in 1796 the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. She will settle in the convent (rue Haute), then in Bourg st Andéol.
From 1850 to 1907/08 Catherine Dumas, Superior of the Convent, donated this house to the town of Thueyts. Creation of a boys’ school run by the Brothers.
1924-1936 installation of a mill (silk), hence the name of “Fabricou”, small factory.
1947-1951 cinema “the Andrex”. Youth home.
Since 1980, after restoration development of communal lodgings, and room of the club “the Ray of Sun” (Rural Elders).


The Fabricou
The Fabricou