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The oldest part dates from the 11th century. In the 16th century, it had 5 chapels. The Romanesque bell-tower was in fact only built in the 17th century. The solid wood statue of a black virgin can currently be seen in Pont-de-Labeaume Church.

The first mention of the priory which stands on a rocky promontory, in a meander of the Ardèche river, dates back to the 12th century. The place retains all its charm of yesteryear and it is also for the sight, that the whole site deserves to be lingered: Nieigles does not it come from the Latin Nidus aquilinus, eagle’s nest?
The study of the monument is not simple because it has undergone over the centuries several important transformations that upset the Romanesque church of the twelfth century. From the first church, there are certainly the walls and the arches, the Roman pillars and all the parts underlined by a molded cornice. From the beginning of the fifteenth century, this church is too small and is enlarged by the addition of chapels whose cross vaults ogive betray a taste for the Gothic style. The seventeenth century also brings its share of modifications with a sacristy and a belfry which, although late, retains forms close to the Romanesque style.
A Madonna with child, called Black Virgin, was once the subject of a pilgrimage to Nieigles, on the important road of Puy. The remarkable partially gilded solid wood statue, 75 cm high and preserved at the church of Pont-de-Labeaume, is a reproduction of the seventeenth century, the original having disappeared during the wars of religions of the sixteenth century. It has been classified as a Historic Monument.


Church Notre-Dame de Nieigles
Church Notre-Dame de Nieigles
Church Notre-Dame de Nieigles
Church Notre-Dame de Nieigles


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