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This medieval bridge spans the Lignon. Running down from the Tanargue highlands, the Lignon flows into the Ardèche upstream from Neyrac Les Bains. But before that, it has deeply carved its way through a splendid lava flow.

In the town of Fabras, dominating the Ardèche, we will stop at the brand new “Belvédère des Coulées Basaltiques”, this point of view makes it possible to dominate the Ardèche and the splendid stone bridge of the Echelette. The site, perfectly landscaped by the Young Volcanoes of Ardèche, offers a panorama over the river and the flows that seem to plunge into its tumultuous waters. A staircase allows to reach the bridge and the river, while an interpretation table gives explanations on the presence of this volcanic phenomenon. Note that the places are illuminated from May to September until 1am and the show becomes magical.


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Echelette bridge
Echelette bridge
Echelette bridge
Echelette bridge


Free access.