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Experience the Ray Pic waterfalls where water from La Bourges river bursts through basalt rock. This natural volcanic site has been listed since 1931.

The Fialouse cup (Ray-Pic) had a phreatomagmatic phase and then a Strombolian phase. The famous waterfalls of Ray-Pic throw themselves about fifty meters high, from the top of a thick basalt formation which forms a superb prismation in sheaf. The only volcano to travel 21 km along the Bourges and Fontaulière until Pont-de-Labeaume.

The Fialouse or Maar du Ray-Pic (various appellations are possible) is the volcano at the origin of the basaltic flow or flows more than fifty meters high, the famous waterfalls of Ray-Pic. The volcano rises to 1293 meters, and its vast crough crater presents an almost circular shape of about 1200 meters in diameter. It was first manifested by a phreatomagmatic explosion, as evidenced by volcanic rocks, which is very explosive eruption type. -is the site, in the road-to-view-this-out-to-view-of-the-platform-view-view, located opposite the waterfall.

The volcano then evolved into a Strombolian dynamism, characterized by the projection of more or less coarse scenes and bombs. In its final phase, the crater of the volcano was filled by a lava lake, and its activity was completed by a large basaltic flow. This is a long way (21 km to Pont-de-Labeaume, in the Bourges valley, then to La Fontaulière) and by the abundance of peridotite enclaves (greenish yellow rocks). ) large sizes.

The basaltic organs open on the two cascades of the Ray-Pic – prismation in sheaf: oil between the crater rim and the lava lake. The old-style basalt lake was then re-cut to its center, to approach the same course as the old river bed, covered by lava. Sometimes the Fontauliere flows on the casting, as long as her foot has not yet regularized her bed and continues digging. Today, the lava flow is no longer continuous, and some parts have been eroded.


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Ray Pic Waterfalls
Ray Pic Waterfalls
Ray Pic Waterfalls
Ray Pic Waterfalls
Ray Pic Waterfalls
Ray Pic Waterfalls
Ray Pic Waterfalls