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While until then, the faysses had always been occupied by vines, fruit trees or market garden plants …

Around 1950, it was decided to plant more than 600 Laricio pines.
In 2015, we say it was time to intervene to prevent the roots of these trees more than fiftieth do not further deteriorate the retaining walls of the terraces.
And we decided to use draft horses to minimize degradation due to skidding.
When the work began, we did not really suspect the treasures that were going to be laid bare.
The faysses, or even the “clos”, as our elders say, are of an exceptional quality and the central span of more than 200 steps, which serves the 17 levels is unique.
And the inhabitants are not mistaken, which almost unanimously encourage their rehabilitation.
Some volunteers have begun to tidy up the cuttings and then clear the brush, while others are learning how to work the dry stone to repair the breaches that weather, pines and weather have caused.


All year round.


Faysses du moulinage of Chirols
Faysses du moulinage of Chirols


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