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The castle was built in the 12th century and would have had at least 2 towers. It belonged to the Pressis family until 1461 then the Blou family. It has been renovated countless times over the centuries. It became a “holiday home” in the 18th century.

The 13th of February 1461: marriage of Marguerite des Pressis with François de Blou (native of Toulaud). The castle then becomes property of the family of Blou des Pressis. It depends up to the 18th century (revolution) on the domain of St Chaffre.
In 1634: marriage of Jacques de Blou des Pressis with Marguerite de Gout de la Charriere (hence the legacy of the stronghold of the Charriere).
The last of Blou des Pressis, Angel Oscar Joachim Comte de Blou, died in 1886. His daughter Marguerite had married in 1874 Auguste Léonce, Baron of Cassin, a son Pierre Joachim de Cassin born in 1875 sold the castle and its dependencies to the family From Montravel de Joyeuse in 1902.
In 1926, the Plantevin family bought the castle from Mr de Gigord, Mr de Montravel’s son-in-law, and set up a textile factory in the park.
Since 1986, the castle and the park are owned by the Municipality of Thueyts.
Pepper mills with glazed tile roof. Fireplace called Sarrazine. Two vaulted rooms restored. The stables of the castle were at the current location of the Médiathèque (before 1634, owned by the family of Gout de la Charrière).


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Blou Castle
Blou Castle
Blou Castle
Blou Castle
Blou Castle